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Group travel subsidy

Student Life subsidizes participation in group study trips of a scientific nature. The application for this subsidy has been going through SOFv since the 2018-2019 academic year. Group travel can be divided into two categories; without sustainable transportation ( 50,- per eligible participant) and with sustainable transportation (a maximum additional 100,- per eligible participant, so a maximum of 150,- per eligible participant). There also exists a hybrid option of a sustainable and unsustainable travel options (which will result in a maximum  100,- per elligable participant). You can find a detailed example for a group travel subsidy request here

Is my trip eligible for a group travel grant?

  • The trip is organized for students of Radboud University;
  • The trip is organized by a member organisation of SOFv; by member organisations of SOFv, we mean recognised study, and faculty associations and/or foundations whose primary focus is on students of their own study programme and/or faculty and who pay annual dues to SOFv. For membership criteria, please see SOFv statutes.
  • There is a contact person from the study program/faculty who guarantees the scientific nature of the trip (this contact person or other academic staff preferably participates in the group study trip).

How do I apply for subsidy?

Are you the organizer of the trip and does your trip meet all requirements? Then submit an application as follows at least 4 weeks before departure:

  • Download the application form and enter all details. It is important that the travel program is described per part of the day. It is also important that it is stated per participant whether they have already received a subsidy for a group study trip.
  • Send this application form, together with a written proof of guarantee from the study program/faculty, to
  • SOFv assesses the applications. If your application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail with the approval/rejection of your application. Upon approval, the grant amount will be transferred within 3 weeks.

Completing the subsidy application

When you are back from the group travel, we ask for several documents to be able to make a definitive settlement. E-mail the following documents to up to 6 weeks after your return, so we can complete your grant application:

  • Proof of payment showing the final number of participants;
  • Proof of mean of transportation used to reach the destination;
  • The realization of the budget;
  • The definitive list of participants;

SOFv will evaluate these documents in order to complete the grant application. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the settlement has been processed.

More information?

For more information, see the regulations. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact SOFv (

Frequently asked questions

No, despite the fact that the regulations have changed, every student (with the exception of the committee and the board) is only entitled to a subsidy once. The grant itself has not become another grant.

No, however, this is strongly recommended. It turned out to be very difficult for organisations to take (suitable) academic staff with them as support when traveling. By changing this mandatory guidance to a guarantee, it is possible to obtain a subsidy even if it is not possible to find (suitable) supervision. It may, however, still be the case that the faculty sets conditions for this, to obtain the Faculty grant, check this carefully.

The intention is to substantiate in the guarantee why the trip contributes to the scientific career of the participating students. Merely a summary of the program is not sufficient for this. This guarantee involves substantiating the academic/scientific value of the program’s components for students. In addition, if applicable, the number of credits to be obtained and the participating scientific supervision must be stated.

It is possible that you may only know the student numbers of eligible participants at a later time, for example, because registration is not yet open. If you already have the remaining information and want approval, you can submit these in advance. However, please be aware that the rest of the application must be complete in this case.

First, someone must meet the minimum requirement of the new regulations that “the student is enrolled at Radboud University”. Additionally, committee and board members are always entitled to apply for a grant, regardless of how often someone holds this position and regardless of how often someone holds this position during the year. In addition, they (the board and the committee) are entitled once again to apply for a grant as a participant. As a participant, you are only entitled to apply for a grant once.

No, in the previous version of the regulation, the amount of the subsidy was based on within ( 75,-) or outside of ( 100,-) Europe. In this version no such distinction is made.