Samenwerkingsoverleg Faculteitsverenigingen


Audit committee

Like any other association, SOFv has an Audit Committee that ensures that the association remains financially healthy, and that the finances are correct and transparent. The Audit Committee meets three times per year to conduct a financial audit. The committee reports on this audit to the general members’ assemblies. At the end of the year, the Audit Committee also provides advice for the discharge. The Audit Committee is composed each year of representatives from member organizations of SOFv. The aim is to represent as many different faculties as possible in the Audit Committee. In 2023-2024, the Audit Committee is as follows:

  • Tren Jacobs, Chief of Activities of Olympus
  • Iris Roijen, Treasurer of Dr. Nico Müller
  • Sam Mekkes, Treasurer of De ESV
  • Johan Kremer, Treasurer of CognAC