Samenwerkingsoverleg Faculteitsverenigingen

Collaboration subsidy

Subsidy for member organisations

SOFv financially stimulates all (formal) co-operations between study associations and organisations. Below you can find the subsidy rules, with which your organisation has to agree in order to apply for this ‘collaboration subsidy’. In order to agree for the ‘collaboration subsidy’, at least one of the organisations must be a member organisation of SOFv and the other must be a recognised organisation in Nijmegen. If you feel that an event, which you organise together with another organisation, matches with the formed criteria, you can apply for the subsidy by filling out the forms below. Keep in mind that a complete application must be filed at least on month before the activity. You can find the whole rules of the subsidy here.

By member organisations of SOFv, we mean recognised study, and faculty associations and/or foundations whose primary focus is on students of their own study programme and/or faculty and who pay annual dues to SOFv. For membership criteria, please see SOFv statutes.


Does your association and activity apply for the financial support of SOFv? File an application to Only a complete application will be discussed and assessed in the board meeting. With every application, you also need to file a budget proposal for the activity. You can find the application form here.