Samenwerkingsoverleg Faculteitsverenigingen


SOFv was founded on 11 April 1991 and has since acted as the umbrella organisation in which unites the study associations of Nijmegen. SOFv is an association of which the various study associations are members of, with a board consisting of students from different fields of study.

SOFv has three important functions and expresses them in different ways. First of all, the SOFv has a representative function. This means that we represent our members – the study associations – at different levels: at an association level, but also at the level of the University Student Council (USC) or the Executive Board, for example. We have our own seat in the USC, which means that the study associations with an appointed member in the council are continuously represented at university level and can participate in decision-making on matters that are important to the associations. Second, SOFv has an information giving function. We conserve and share existing knowledge and experience that the individual associations have in various ways and we also pass this on to new generations. Thirdly, we try to coordinate the various activities of our members by offering an information moment about these activities on our GMA. Finally, we strive to improve the relationship between the member associations and we motivate cooperation between different member associations.

These different goals come together at the General Member Assembly’s of SOFv. This takes place every six to eight weeks and associations can talk to each other here.

More information about SOFv can be found on this website. For any questions you can contact us or visit our room in the basement of EOS, which can be found here:

Waar zit het SOFv?