Samenwerkingsoverleg Faculteitsverenigingen

Well-being subsidy

The well-being subsidy has been offered by the university to improve the well-being of students. This subsidy can be requested by member organisations of SOFv. The money that will be provided, is ought to be spent on purposes related to well-being. Amongst other things, this includes the feeling of involvement with an organisation, the university and the city Nijmegen. The ultimate goal of the activities is that they should contribute to the prosperity of students and enable personal growth. These include (but are not limited to) formal skills trainings or an activity that enables students to get to know each other. The subsidy can be spent on many activities, as long as these activities are organised in support of students.

By member organisations of SOFv, we mean recognised study, and faculty associations and/or foundations whose primary focus is on students of their own study programme and/or faculty and who pay annual dues to SOFv. For membership criteria, please see SOFv statutes.

The regulations for the well-being subsidy can be found here. You can find an example of a wellbeing subsidy request here. To apply for the well-being subsidy, please send an email fitting all criteria found in the regulations to