Samenwerkingsoverleg Faculteitsverenigingen


SOFv is sponsored by:

Main Sponsor – Molenstraat Nijmegen Events

The Molenstraat Nijmegen Events is part of K.O. Company which is a large company that own several bars in the Molenstraat. Bar 2, Café van Buren, Café Stretto, Drie Gezusters, El Sombrero , Heidi’s Skihut and De Bieb are all part of The Molenstraat Nijmegen. During national holidays the Molenstraat also organizes big events outdoors or events with famous DJ’s and bands inside the bars. The Molenstraat is also open to have your own parties or events organized in one of their bars. 

SOFv organizes most of her after-drinks at the Molenstraat and some other activities. During those evenings, discounts are offered to the board members of our member associations. 

Sponsor – FEBO Nijmegen

Sponsor – Drukkerij Luxor

Students have a 10% Discount